Uneasy Opposition

Uneasy Opposition

Tarble Arts Center, Charleston, IL | 2006

“Physical space has no reality without the energy that is deployed within it”

-Henri Lefebvre

The site-specific installation addresses the temporality of both bodies and buildings by using visual elements that suggest opposition to forces of time through labor. In the exhibition publication Shannon Fitzgerald writes, “Downen…creates a space, which is transitory in nature, to impart meaning by offering physical engagements that correspond to the experiences of the body and give validity to the sense of the self as bodily. Downen’s installation is not so much an ideological critique as it is about creating a reflective space to momentarily resist movement in order to reflect, honor, and consider possibilities that are sometimes overlooked or lost due to the fleeting and ephemeral nature of life.”

Jill Downen’s Uneasy Opposition

Catalogue essay by Shannon Fitzgerald, Director of the Mennello Museum of American Art.

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