Three Dimensional Sketchbook

Three Dimensional Sketchbook

Studios Inc, Kansas City, MO | 2016
Bruno David Gallery, Saint Louis, MO | 2013
Plug Projects, Kansas City, MO | 2013

This exhibition offers a look into the intimate processes Downen employs in the studio to develop ideas and plan large scale installations. The art invites viewers to survey Downen’s work from a new and unexpected perspective. The project space features a long table and cabinet of drawers displaying models crafted from plaster, basswood, paper and gold leaf. The small scale of these sculptures explores a reversal of the experience that viewers generally have with Downen’s monumental installations. The inverted scale and assembly of the maquettes as a singular tablescape/cityscape result in a reconsideration of the forms in relationship to each other, the body and to Downen’s art making practice overall.


Published by the gallery for the exhibition “Three-Dimensional Sketchbook” by Jill Downen at Bruno David Gallery. This catalogue includes text by Peter MacKeith and afterword by Bruno L. David.

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Hand to Hand: Jill Downen's Three-Dimensional Sketchbook

Essay by Peter MacKeith, Dean of Fay Jones School of Architecture at University of Arkansas

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