As If You Are Here

As If You Are Here

Bruno David Gallery, Saint Louis, MO | 2016

As If You Are Here is an exhibition of miniature rooms installed throughout the architecture of the gallery and viewed through small windows. Each small-scale room depicts a physical sense of place. Materials such as plaster, concrete, gold leaf and glass afford each room its haptic presence. The sculptural surfaces and forms appear to defy their scale, illuminated by light and shadow, with reference to expansive floors, fragile passageways, hypothetical ruins, and imagined places. The collection of rooms embodies alternate scale with interplay between interior and exterior.

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Published by the gallery for the exhibition Jill Downen: As If You Are Here at Bruno David Gallery. This catalogue includes texts by James McAnally and afterword by Bruno L. David.

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As If You Were There

Essay by James McAnally, of Temporary Art Review and The Luminary

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